Project3XX Pack v2.245 (1.43.x)

Changelog v2.245
Supported Game Versions: 1.43

Many added features, mostly interior, more to come.
Currently doesn’t work for the Truck And Trailer pack by Deezle on the forums.
Wheels and LEDs are now separate packs in total.

This is a project unlike you’ve ever seen. Multiple truck models all included in one mod.
To start:
– 357, 377, 379.

The End:
– 330, 357, 367, 377 SBA and SFFA, 379, 386, 389, custom 579 hood.

(Haulin), Ivan (hardtruckisthebest), Chris (formerly bay0net), Tim (polarexpress17)

(Haulin), Ivan (hardtruckisthebest), Chris (formerly bay0net), Tim (polarexpress17)

Download Link 2: Download mod

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1 Response

  1. John Doe says:

    This is a truck mod “unlike we’ve seen” because it’s pretty crap. The 377 looks like something created for the PlayStation 2. The chassis selection needs work as their names don’t make much sense. The engine and transmission choices are too bountiful (you don’t need 500 different versions, more does not always equal better) and their prices are amateurishly done (you can have a 600 hp engine for 12,000 or a 625 hp engine for 12,001). The interior options are: 63 Inch Stand Up and 63 Inch Stand Up High Reflection. Okay, who thought it was a smart idea to have the windshield have an absurdly high reflection ratio? Real life trucks don’t even do that (for obvious reasons) but the creators thought otherwise.

    The naming convention for all the parts needs work, like give them proper names, not “D3D Part” and “D3D Part2”. Not many unique customization options as compared to stuff from Rez, Viper, and even the 389 Glider.

    Not really ground breaking or fancy, especially since there are better mods out there.

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