Western Star Legacy Sleeper v6.2 – 1.44

The Western Star XE Legacy has been updated. Thanks to Mark Brower for all of the hard work!
The hood mirrors have been restored and other fixes for ATS
Download, unpack and place in your mods folder.

Yw!st3d V!5!0n, Stick64

Download Link 2: Download mod

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37 Responses

  1. John Doe says:

    It does work with 1.44.x but it has outdated files.

    Piss poor naming convention; either the accessories are labeled in a foreign language or they’re just given a generic, default name that is repeated and repeated icons that have no relation to the part you’re changing. Only way to find out is by selecting each item. There are some parts where they’re duplicate listings and nothing changes between them.

    There is a clipping issue with the cab lights where they’re a bit sunken in on the roof. The rear “dual exhaust” looks alright until you look at the pipes that come out from under the cab and see that they are much more narrower and pinched. It is very unnatural looking. Some of the chrome textures don’t look like chrome but a shiny dark grey. You cannot select the rear bumper unless you angle the camera to face towards the back of the truck. If you look at the rear of the truck, the accessory node is not visible. You can select the mud flaps but not the bumper.

    Not much for aftermarket customization with any accessories, you only get two bumpers with around sixteen sub-nodes to play with for clearance lights or license plates. That’s pretty much it.

    Truck is okay looking but it screams armature hour big time with how obviously lazy the modder was.

    • John Doe says:

      And, it is missing some textures for a handful of parts and accessories. Interior textures could do with some work, as well. Some look good, others look PlayStation 3 era.

    • John Doe says:

      I forgot to mention that it is laughable at how they set up the interior for the GPS attachment: they just put a huge overlay of accessory sub-nodes that stretches across the windshield from the outside left to the inside passenger seat, and starts at the headliner and goes down to the top of the dash. Don’t know why they did that, it’s retarded and clear that they never bothered to test out these layouts. Some placements would put the GPS right inside the dash or on the exterior where the left mirror is.

    • John Doe says:

      Holy f***, I just saw that the windows will clip the doors when you roll them down, so you have these huge chunks of reflective black that are just sticking out of the doors.

      I think it’s safe to say that you should avoid any mod that has the names “Yw!st3d V!5!0n” and “Stick64”. It’s clear they don’t know what they’re doing and just half-ass everything.

  2. thedragon says:

    it doesn’t work

  3. Scaniafan1986 says:

    Hello there! This is our next day. Since Jon Ruda’s mod has reached 26 hate comments, this one will reach 23.

    • Jon Ruda says:

      That’s it. Since my mod reached 26 hates, this legacy sleeper will reach 23 hates.

  4. XBS says:

    23 hates? Let’s go!

  5. Jon Ruda says:

    OK. Renenate will be the boss this time.

    • ReneNate says:

      Jon is right. I’m the boss and I don’t need Pinga’s help.

      • Pinga says:


  6. Froggy the Frog says:

    Pinga, you’re using Caps Lock too much. Stop using it now.

  7. Jacek487 says:

    jebać pinga

  8. mario says:

    What the fuck?

  9. ReneNate says:

    Oh hell no. Jacek487, Vabis, Froggy and Mario, shut the bitch up!

  10. XBS says:

    You’re grounded and retarded for 3000 years. From now you can say only the words like bitch, ass, fuck, shit, toadette.

  11. ReneNate says:

    Retarded? Grounded?

  12. XBS says:

    Retarded and grounded.

  13. XBS says:

    Toaded? Are you fucking serious?

  14. UMT says:

    This is the end. This mod has reached 23 hates!

  15. bill says:

    this is not working in 1.44 after done with buying of truck and doing some basic costume work with parts.. i go to pay for all of it and then everything crashs.. i think u might want to do some more work on it is all.. i mean it is a fantastic truck and mod but it could use some fixing pleaseeee… would love to be able to stream this truck and showcase it

  16. Scaniafan1986 says:

    I’m sorry because of not posting comments for one day because I was in super-hard work on July 4. I was being
    the school teacher and I teached 12 kids: Chad, Charlie, Marco, Oscar, Rosie, Fred, Eddie, Mike, Leo, Alex, Stephanie and Bill.

    • Scaniafan1986 says:

      EDIT: I can’t post comments on ets2mods.lt because it goes to the refused to connect error.

  17. Toad says:

    I’m sorry, but I had a very hard work.. My sister Toadette is in harder work than me.

  18. UMT says:

    This mod is the work of Mark Brower.

  19. Scaniafan1986 says:

    XXXX XXX? Toad, what’s wrong with you?

  20. jonny says:

    no sound from any engines

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