ATS USA Offroad Map and Alaska

NOT standalone,
USA offroad map included standaard like is planned,
Can start in fairbanks,
New map zoom and details,
MAP part of alaska is WIP! so that means that it is not in full details!
I release this because i want you to catch the feeling of the map already,
Ice Lake’s and prudhoe bay is coming in next update.
There is special company made near fairbanks ”Carlile” recommanded to use Carlile skin because it is Ice road trucking.
Pretty detailed city but still not finished.
Info about that snow: i imported snow codes from ETS 2 but made my own snow texture!
The ice in next update will have cracks and good ice details and should bring the true feeling and look of ice road truckers.

READ the rules and installation instructions and INFO in the README

246 Studios, Rob Viguurs.

USA_Offroad_Alaska_Map_v1_By_246_Studios.rar – 438.2 MB

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar Stavros K says:

    Well, your map is wonderful, although the “offroad” section, (not Alaska) is very challenging, almost unplayable.
    The big issue though is compatibility with other maps.
    Your map IS NOT compatible with other mod maps (neither “Coast To Coast” or “Nevada Road” so far). And i use NO MODULE version.
    Can you do something in order to make it compatible, please ?
    It’s a shame we have to choose which ONLY map we must put in the game. And yes, i’ve tried to tweak the priority of the mods. No luck. You must have one or another to play the game.

  2. Avatar Short-Circuit says:

    um, sorry but that’s not even close of where it is on the map..

  3. Avatar Lukas says:

    Fix thr zoom in thr map. When gona be fixed will be 5 stars 😉

  4. Avatar Nobody says:

    Well of course it’s not close to where it actually it is. My god this game is still new and at least they are adding some new content so folks have some variety. Dang man it would take a month or longer to build it to scale. If you can do better then go for it there Short-Circuit.

    Good job 246 studios I can’t wait to see the next update.

  5. Avatar Michael says:

    I live in fairbanks and work for Carlile Trans. Very excited to see where this mod goes

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