Coast to Coast v1.6.02

Coast to Coast v1.6.02.
Map tested on version 1.2!
The road map added to change!
In other versions not tested!
Card is compatible with the cards:
MHAPro map ATS 1.2.

Mantrid, change voldemar56

coast_to_coast_v1.6.02.7z – 35.9 MB

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12 Responses

  1. Connor says:

    cant load my save game file when i have this map installed is there a fix for this?

  2. RPFrankenstien says:

    Mine loads but no maps show up just blank states.

  3. RPFrankenstien says:

    Sorry guess I should add to this. Im running Mario and the plugs for I50fix the Reno offramp fix and the RR crossing fix. with 1.6 they all work sweet together but it seems .02 overites all other files including the base maps no matter what priority I give it.

  4. RPFrankenstien says:

    ok I fixed mine. the order for me from top down is, US93 RR crossing, IFix Reno 80, US50 & I99 extension, MEXUSCAN, 02-Mariomap, Coast to Coast 1.6.02, then the rest of my mods. not sure if this will work for everyone but the map does load and work for me. there is a hole in one highway that you drop through but dont remember were lol, I was shooting video when my truck took the big dive ill try to find out were its at. o yeah most important is that im running beta test map. Moderator you can dump my other post if you want. thnx and hope this helps someone else.

  5. RPFrankenstien says:

    Hey truckers, my game updated to .10s this morning. Bad news it broke c&c .02. Good news 1.6 still works. Im not a programmer just a mod tester so im going to keep trying different things to get them to work together until maybe a fix is done for .02. note: also running the c&c patch with 1.6.

  6. Chise says:

    cant even start a new game with this one…

  7. Peter says:

    Doesn’t work on 1.2 crashes the game when trying to load save game
    Do not download people until he fix this

  8. chise says:

    invisible walls and huge drop off in Atlanta and dont go west from elpaso cause u will drop off the face off the map into an endless void

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